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Company Profile

Company Profile

Cak Group is dealing in principal with textile, retail, chemistry, energy, insurance brokering services; online sale services from internet, manufacturing and sale of furniture and decoration products and import and export fields. 

Textile, which is the first business sector of Çak Group of Companies of which foundations have been established in Eskişehir in 1948 is still the principal activity field of the group. Çak Group of Companies which is comprised from 21 companies serving in different fields, has been focused on sport fashion wearing sector with LTB brand created in the national and international platform since 1994. Within the light of the latest technological developments, the two factories from Istanbul and Sakarya, established on a field of 150.000 meters square, are working with an estimate capacity of 17 million pieces / yearly. LTB brand takes place among the Turquality brands supported by the state in order to “create 10 worldwide brands in 10 years”.


Vision Statement

Creating sustainable advantage by integrating global market standards Achieving a leading edge in the marketplace through being trustworthy in our businesses Managing our growth potential & improving our brand value.


Mission Statement

Giving high priority to environment & utmost importance to quality Increasing our customers’, employees’ & countrys’ benefıts by using our HR potential, technology and information in the most effective and efficient way Creating income and employment by maintaining our ational and pioneering approaches.




Long lasting business knowledge, experience, efficient management systems and corporate structure, human power committed to our mission and vision, our corporate culture, with ethical values, skilled and trained, investments regarding the sustainability of contribution and profitability on a long term basis, reputable and trustworthy brand.


Our Quality References

Cak Companies Group is continuing its activities according to the quality management system and has obtained for the first time the ISO 9001:1994 quality certificate in 1998. In 2001 the entire Quality Management System has been revised according to the updated standard and ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate has been taken. In 2009, ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate has been taken according to updated standard. All the articles of the standard are within the scope and the service is out of scope. Akyazı and Istanbul factories are included within the document scope of Cak Textile and Cak Textile B.V. which is established in Netherlands and which provides the European distribution channel is included. 

Cak Group of Companies is managing its processes according to ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Labor Health and Security and SA 8000 Social Responsibility integrated management system. Having obtained the SA 8000 Social Responsibility certificate in 2012, the company is planning to obtain the ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Labor Health and Security certificates with integrated management system.